Slate Editor

Introducing our Slate Editor - Available Now!

An incredibly fast way to manage textures, built exclusively for Real-time VFX Artists

Including Motion Vector Generation & Filter Editing & a whole lot more

Fast & Flexible Texture Layouts

Slate operates on a drag-and-drop basis - simply drag a folder of renders and it can automatically find the best-fit layout for your images!

Instant updates on layout changes - no waiting, no fuss

Need a packed sprite sheet instead? No problem - Slate has the ability to recursively pack all images in to a sprite sheet

Too many frames? Skip every Nth frame!

Insert frames before or after any individual tile or drag and drop to append to the sequence

Flexible Rendering output with support for .EXR & .TGA

Did we mention you can even launch Slate from command line to automate this?

Motion Vector Generation

Easily generate motion vectors from any existing flipbooks!

Stretch out animation duration using inter-frame blending

We offer full parameters for generation including search length, down-sampling & range remapping meaning you get the most possible data in your texture sequence

Looping sequence? Then our Cyclic Generation can blend between end frames to make seamless, looping vectors to use

Our displacement calculations take the guess work out of 'magic numbers'

Our animation previewer can also use your motion vectors to check the results in real time!

Customisable Filter Editor

Slate features a fully customisable Filter Editor, enabling developers to inject pure GLSL Shader code in to the renderer.

This gives unprecedented access to each image in the sequence allowing in-place modifications

Filter Creator & Pictured Filter Pack coming soon

More features than we can list!

Visit our Documentation Here


- Grid Layouts with optional automatic best fit

- Sprite packing to recursively pack images in to a texture sheet

- Export Layouts as JSON files

- Swap X & Y grid settings immediately

- Skip every Nth Tile in sequence for quick optimisations

- Automatic update on tile additions

- Sort image lists by Numerical File Name, last edit, size on disk

- Normalized Sprite Packing means no more huge images taking up all space - images normalized to a single range

Motion Vectors

Slate's motion vector generator has been implemented specifically for practical Realtime VFX use - with real cases in mind

-Slate can generate motion vector textures from any textures - no need for any additional render passes. 

-Even generate them from existing flipbooks, by way of the devolver!

-Sequence Distance readout will return the maximum distance to use to remap range - meaning you get the most possible detail in your vector renders

-Slate will even figure out the "magic" displacement value for your shaders, taking out the guess work.

-Our Cyclic Generation feature takes in to account looping animation sequences, and our vectors will transition from the end to the start!


Slate's Devolver is our unique tool for cutting existing flipbook layouts back in to individual images, even if you no longer have the source.

- Either load or use a loaded single tile and cut back in to a grid of images

- Images can then be saved to disk or used to create a new layout

Tile Editor

Each individual image in Slate - a 'Tile' - can be inspected in the Tile editor by a right click menu. 

Parameters can be overridden on a per-tile basis, such as colour modifications & transformations.

Apply per-tile overrides as replacements, or as overlays to the sequence settings


- Automatically calculate best-fit transformations based on Alpha, Brightness or per-channel basis

- Reduce overdraw by fitting entire sequences based on largest bounds

- Adjust Image Scales

- Choose Image Repeat Types

- Offset images

- Rotate images

- Choose scaling & rotation anchor points to scale from a unique point

Folder Listening

Slate can be set to 'Listen' to a particular folder, and load images as soon as they are created - meaning it can create flipbooks whilst you render!

Learn More Here

Colour Modifications

- Adjust Image brightness

- Contrast

- Exposure

- Vibrance

- Hue shift images

- Change Saturation Levels 

- Apply tints with a variety of application modes: Multiply, Overlay, Subtract, Hard Light, Soft Light

Render Passes

Folders can be queued up to render as passes, enabling multi-pass rendering for texture layouts

- Inherit parent layout

- Or use a specified layout per-folder

- Choose to use parent filters, colour modifications or transformations

- Choose file name on render and a specific output path

Alpha Corrections

- Tweak alpha settings once loaded

- Choose premultiplication colour for Transparent elements

- Use Linear Alpha for high accuracy

- Distance Key colours to add opacity to stock footage or renders against a black background!

- Additional Safety-features such as sequence framing - add a round or square mask around all alphas to ensure no pixel bleed

- Add a sequence alpha gradient, making the sequence fade out over entire duration

- Smoothstep the sequence over duration to produce an 'Alpha Erosion' effect baked in to your textures

Reroute Slate files

Need to quickly create an alternate version with different images?

You can simply reroute the current session from one folder of images to another - completely load in-place a different set of images.

Filter Editor

- Create custom filters with GLSL code

- Access each previous & next images in the sequence

- Live editing prototyping "Custom Code" & "Custom Function" blocks

- Share Filters as JSON files

- You can recreate nearly all of Slates pixel modifications - And more - entirely through the filter editor!

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Technical Specs

Minimum Spec


OS:Windows 7 / 8 / 10 - (64 bit)

Memory:8 GB RAM

Graphics:VRAM 2GB

Recommended Spec


OS:Windows 7 / 8 / 10 - (64 bit)

Memory:8 GB RAM

Graphics:VRAM 4GB+

Demo Version Available

Please download the demo version below if you are not sure about your specs.

Slate requires graphics drivers with OpenGL Vulkan Support

As a graphics-intensive process, Slate requires a decent amount of VRAM and a modern GPU. 

Please note certain GPU Devices with limited VRAM may not be able to save at higher resolutions

Note : Integrated GPUs are not supported or recommended

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